Sorry that I haven’t been able to respond to anyone ! I’ve been busy with interims, and my class hasn’t done the 5th blogging challenge yet, and I don’t think we’ll be doing it anymore; so I think I’ll try and do it in my free time!

If You Were to Visit Nevada

This is  a post for challenge 3 of the student blogging challenge.

Here in Nevada,We have the most beautiful mountains.

Like for example:Mount Charleston, it’s so beautiful. Here’s a pic:Mount_Chaleston_Pics

Whenever my bus is driving to school, I am always able to see this beautiful mountain.

Another thing you should probably do if your around my area is sight see,  I live in a very big city, this picture will give a hint as to which one in Nevada it is:Las_Vegas_sign

Yup, you guessed it, I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. When it’s night out, all of the casinos light up, and it looks wonderful, it always surprises me how amazing it is.


Those are probably the things you would want to see if you were around my area.